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Essential Cotton Mini Prana Bolster

Color: Ink

Our Mini Prana Bolster is a handy little bolster that promotes a gentle chest opening, subtly elevates your Pigeon pose, and provides a boost in "legs up the wall". This firm and supportive, high-quality bolster offers a softer and more gentle alternative to any posture that calls for a block. 

TIP: Great for kids' yoga too!

This product is part of our Halfmoon Essential Cotton Collection and is made of 100% all-natural cotton fibers that resist shrinking, stretching, and are highly durable. This 100% natural plant-derived fiber is biodegradable, easy-to-clean, and breathable making it a perfect studio-friendly core item. The Essential Cotton Collection is all custom-dyed for Halfmoon specifically, making the colours exclusive to the Halfmoon lineup and core colour stories. 


  • Dense, quality, handmade interior batting for longevity

  • Removable cover

  • Easy carry handle

  • Exceptional quality & durability


  • 3" x 6.5" x 15" (7.62 cm x 16.51 cm x 38.1 cm)

  • 1.8 lbs (0.8 kg)

  • Cover: 100% cotton

  • Casing: 100% cotton 

  • Filling: 97% cotton, 3% polyester

  • Handcrafted just outside Vancouver, BC, Canada


  • Remove cover from bolster, machine wash cover in cool water on the delicate cycle, hang to dry

  • Lint Removal Tip: wipe bolster with a latex-gloved hand or a lint roller


  • During manufacturing, we reinforce the handles on our bolsters to ensure a strong seam.

  • Ripped seams may occur or be exaggerated from friction either when removing it from storage or how the bolster is carried to and from practice. Take extra care and be mindful of the delicacy of the product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Good support

These little bolsters are good support for restorative poses. When a block is too hard and a full bolster is too big the mini prank bolster gives you another option.

Mini Prana Bolster

Love my mini bolster! So well made and the perfect size to fit into my yoga bag to take to classes. I use it to support my neck when in practice. Great gift to myself.

Paula Schooler
Inquire within yoga westport conn

I love the half bolster .. under the neck , head. sarcum, under the knees .. easy to travel with and less space in the studio .. also a prone position under the pelvic bones is a nice relief for the lumbar counter pose .. the colors are beautiful ..

Aida N.
Prana Half Bolster is amazing.

Prana Half Bolster is amazing. I love it’s versatility. It’s small enough to fit in a yoga bag.

Daisy T.
Perfect size!

The yoga studio I go to uses the Prana half bolster, and I love it so much that I bought one for my own home use. I have a lot of upper back pain, and lying on this bolster (lengthwise or width-wise) helps to gently open my chest and align my mid and upper back to reduce my pain. It's well-made and sturdy, and the ones at my yoga studio have held up well under years of frequent use so I know this will last a long time. Plus this size is perfect for carrying around and doesn't take up much room to store on a shelf. In fact, I'd also purchased the full-length Prana bolster to try it out but now wish I'd just gotten 2 of these half-bolsters for ease of storage. I love this half-bolster!