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Cotton Crystal Therapy Pillow

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Color: Amethyst + Moonstone
Tigers Eye + Clear Quartz
Amethyst + Moonstone

Elevate the healing benefits of our long-coveted therapy pillows with the power of crystals! The Crystal Collection Hot + Cold Therapy Pillow allows you to enjoy the healing benefits of an all-natural heated or cooled therapeutic tool filled with natural crystals.

Heat it to soothe and relax tension in your neck, shoulders, or any muscle group. Freeze or refrigerate it to use as a cold compress. A welcome relief for sore muscles, cramps or night sweats with the addition of calming lavender to enhance your relaxation experience. Our carefully selected organic cotton selection is both beautiful and soft to the touch.

Amethyst is known to be a protective stone linked to the crown chakra. Removing negative thoughts and purifying the mind to rid one of Amethyst darkness when used during meditation and rest.

Moonstone is connected to feminine energy—it’s thought to help enhance intuition, creativity, and emotional balance.

Tiger’s Eye is known for its innate power. Relinquish self-doubt and dream big with this powerful stone.

Clear Quartz serves as an amplifier of your intentions. Known for having a “memory”, when the clear quartz crystal is embraced during meditation it holds on to and amplifies what you manifest. Helping cleanse and navigate headspace, this crystal holds properties that clears the mind for these new and growing intentions.



  • Therapeutic lavender scented hot or cold relief
  • Natural crystals inside
  • Breathable, washable linen cover



  • 19.5" x 6" x 0.75"
  • 2.75 lbs
  • Cover: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Casing: 100% Cotton
  • Filling: 84% Wholegrain, 15% Crystal, 1% Lavender



  • Remove cover
  • Machine wash cold
  • Hang to dry
  • Do not bleach