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Gifts Under $55

Gifts Under $55

Cotton Eye Pillow - Daydream Blush

This eye pillow will take a reclined meditation practice to the next level—providing increased darkness and a calming weight. Available in lavender or unscented.


Energize and align sore and tired feet with soft, comfortable Joy-a-Toes. Designed to sit flat so they can be worn around the house, at the office or during yoga practice.

Hot + Cold Therapy Pillow - Dotty

Soothe sore muscles with the Hot + Cold Therapy Pillow. Use for neck, shoulders, back—anywhere that needs extra relief.

Chip Foam Block - Rose Quartz Cover

Every yogi needs at least one of these essential yoga blocks. The foam is dense enough to offer solid support for sitting yet soft enough to provide padding for knees, elbows, and hips.

Cork Block

A sturdy block made from a renewable natural resource. Cork blocks are the go-to block for any yogi wanting to take their practice to the next level with reliable support. Most useful when bought as a pair to assist each side of the body.

Wet Grip Mat Towel

Whether your favourite yogi practices hot yoga or simply likes to break a sweat in class, the Wet Grip Mat Towel will take the slip and slide out of any sweaty practice.

8’ Loop Strap - Natural

Bring even the most complex poses into reach with the 8’ Loop Strap. The convenient loop and metal buckle makes this adjustable, ideal for any Power Yogi who want to build their practice for years to come.

Massage Balls - Charcoal

Roll out tension. Great for relieving sore feet, an aching back and provides release to any other part of the body that requires loosening up after a tough yoga workout. Set of two.

Mat Clean - Grapefruit Bergamot

Every Power Yogi works up a sweat now and again. Mat Clean is formulated with the naturally antibacterial properties of essential oils which keeps mats smelling fresh and functioning at top performance.

Crystal Candle Holder - Selenite

Inspire meditation and encourage clarity of the mind with crystal candle holders. Selenite is a symbol of liquid light and is a healing, protective stone that drives away negative energies.

Yoga Essentials Pouch - Charcoal Ikat

Made from our signature limited edition fabrics, this pouch was made for holding a phone, keys, wallet, and hair elastics, all the essentials that go to and from yoga. Small enough to stash near a mat or throw into a larger bag.

Ayurvedic Oils Kit

These luxurious wellness oils encourage the release of stress, lethargy and irritation. Use for spot treatments, add a few drops to a bath and apply liberally for self-massage.

Mat Carry Strap

Simply brilliant and brilliantly simple, this versatile strap fits any yoga mat for easy transporting, no bag required.

Practice Mat

Every day and every practice is different. Choose from a soft grippy surface one day or a durable textured surface the next. This mat is tough enough to take anything your practice dishes out, yet cushy enough to make your joints happy.

Striped Yoga Blanket

The classic yoga blanket now comes with stripes! Bring a splash of style to your yoga practice with this beautiful blanket hand-loomed in India. This blanket provides gentle cushioning, support and warmth.

Crystal Angels Oracle Cards

This 44 card deck by Doreen Virtue is a tool to learn about crystals as well as a inspirational deck intended to inspire and ignite the life of the user.

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