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Halfmoon Sustainbility

Here at Halfmoon, we believe in taking steps towards a sustainable world however big or small. We make an effort within our warehouse and production process to take actions towards this vision. 

Here are some of the ways we are practicing sustainability within our company:

  • We hand make yoga bolsters and meditation cushions at our workshop in Burnaby, Canada where we fill them with natural materials and send them out the door to you.
  • We reuse or recycle all the packaging that comes into the warehouse from our suppliers, and refuse the use of extra packaging when possible.
  • We do our best to source fabrics and raw materials for our products that align with our mandate for quality and responsibility. Examples of this are Canadian grown wheat berries from Grainworks that fill our therapy pillows and eye pillows. Canadian grown buckwheat from Aliment Trigone that fill our meditation cushions. Using 100% linen, 100% silk and 100% cotton fabrics that are durable and renewable for our bolsters, cushions, eye pillows and more.
  • We partner with FABcycle, a Vancouver company that reuses and recycles all of our textile scraps.

Pause, reflect and join our movement.