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Gift Guide - Relaxation Junkie

Relaxation Junkie

The Relaxation Junkie loves a good savasana. From bolsters to blankets, they go out of their way to get as comfortable as possible. Their yoga is about breathing out and letting go. Sure, you might occasionally catch a Relaxation Junkie in the midst of an active yoga sequence, but deep down their self care is all about getting closer to the ground (and they can’t wait to be there). This carefully curated selection of props, and wellness products will resonate with your Relaxation Junkie to help them restore and rejuvenate at home and on the go. Om.

Cotton Eye Pillow - Daydream Blush

Pure savasana bliss! Inspires deep relaxation during yoga, travel or letting go before bed. Available in lavender or unscented.

Rectangular Bolster - Wildflower

This classic bolster is a must-have for anyone who loves yoga and relaxation. Available in our signature prints or solid colours.

Ayurvedic Oils Kit

These luxurious wellness oils encourage the release of stress, lethargy and irritation. Use for spot treatments, add a few drops to a bath and apply liberally for self-massage.

Plush Yoga Blanket - Charcoal Herringbone

Provide warmth for your loved ones with this plush blanket. The softest of our yoga blankets, the Plush Yoga Blanket is the ultimate blanket for getting cozy in savasana or curling up on the couch.

Mala - I Am Free Amazonite

Amazonite is thought to balance mood swings and dispel worries, fears, anger and irritation. This mala provides encouragement to take charge of one's life and connect with one's inner power.


Energize and align sore and tired feet with soft, comfortable Joy-a-Toes. Designed to sit flat so they can be worn around the house, at the office or during yoga practice.

Crystal Candle Holder - Rose Quartz

Enjoy an exquisite bath lit by crystals or create a warm and nourishing atmosphere in any room. Rose quartz is a symbol of unconditional love for self or others and emits a calming energy.

Desire Map Planner - Weekly Edition

This planning system incorporates gratitude and goals; inner and outer worlds; the soul and the to-do list.

Hot + Cold Therapy Pillow - Dotty

Soothe sore muscles with the Hot + Cold Therapy Pillow. Use for neck, shoulders, back—anywhere that needs extra relief.

Pause, reflect and join our movement.