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Cotton Practice Rug

Color: Natural

As stylish as it is functional, the Cotton Practice Rug brings comfort and ease to all levels and movement styles. Handwoven from natural, biodegradable cotton, this yoga rug absorbs sweat and enables smooth transitions in fast-paced, free-flowing sequences. The Cotton Practice Rug also helps build grip strength in standing poses and arm balances, while adding a layer of cushion for restorative postures or meditation. Each of the Cotton Practice Rug's four corners have straps on the bottom, allowing you to attach it to your Halfmoon Essential Studio Mat, Deluxe Studio Mat, or Mighty Mat—this prevents the rug from sliding on hard surfaces. When not in use during your practice, its soft, textured design adds a hint of warmth to any home decor aesthetic.



  • Straps in each corner secure the rug to any 72 x 24 Halfmoon yoga mat
  • Made from durable, Earth-friendly 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Sweat absorbant



  • 2.7 lbs
  • 73” x 25” X 0.25”
  • 100% Cotton
  • India



  • Hand wash separately, hang to dry

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mom got good taste- José the chihuahua

Hi, im José, and i am the handsome four legged king of my moms house. So there was a mailman who arrived today. I didn't like him. They use their career as an excuse to trespass and I dont trust them, so I was sure to alert the whole house. Anyway, he brought mom this long box. Well for the first time in my life I actually appreciated the mailman showing up at the door. This mat is exquisite. Mom said she got it for her yoga but honestly I don't think she will have a chance to use it because i have already claimed it for myself. I will be sure to do my stretches on this daily as well as a few naps. Here's some pictures of me showing mom proper form of the Downward Dog, she does it all wrong. I'm so glad she bought herself this mat for us to share (or so she thinks)

Now I will say it came with little specks of what looks to be dirt in it (very very miniscule, probably just from the material anyway) and weirdly enough, a hair lol but, nothing a wash can't fix which I'd recommend with any blanket, mat or any textile because I mean warehouses and stuff , they can be dirty, but it did come well wrapped in plastic and it is BEAUTIFULLY woven. Whoever made this mat, I appreciate them and so does my mom, its exactly what we have been looking for.

Makes it Easier

This is the most amazing addition to my mat, it’s natural fiber shields me from the plastic, making it easier to routinely practice, and find my natural flow, and not get agitated from plastic or lethargic from rubber. The nerves in my feet are more comfortable as well, and don’t cramp anymore. I was scared because it is expensive — but definately works well and helps me everyday, my practice over the course of three months has become joyful. This product helped me. thank you.

Absolutely amazing

I haven’t gotten over how much this beautiful rug has changed my practice. I’ve wanted on for a long time but thought it was an unnecessary luxury. Well I am grateful that I splurged and treated myself to this piece. It is the thing I didn’t know I needed for my practice. As someone with mobility challenges who spends a great deal of time on the ground doing therapeutic sequences I have found this mat helps my movements glide with a beautiful ease and grace. It feels great, looks beautiful, my cats love it … so it’s a win win win for this yogini. Thank you so much Halfmoon … big love 💕

Susanne Anderson
Absolutely beautiful!!

As soon as this beautiful Practice Rug was introduced I knew I'd have to add one to my yoga room! I'm absolutely in love with this Practice Rug - it adds such a luxurious feel to my yoga session. This Practice Rug is not only functional for my yoga and meditation, it's an elegant addition to my sacred yoga room. I'm super happy with this product!! Thank you!

Thank you Susanne for your review! We are thrilled you are loving your Practice Rug. It was thoughtfully designed to bring comfort and warmth to your space. We love that you are enjoying it.

Laura Q
Luxurious and beautiful

Was a little worried that this would be a frivolous purchase but since I received it I have been using it every day. I love it - the natural fibres are lovely underfoot and the extra cushioning is perfect. Plus it looks so elegant in my yoga room - it adds the perfect natural vibe to the space. I am very happy with this mat!