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Yoga Gift Guide: For the Newbie

November 26, 2014

Halfmoon - Yoga Gift Guide: For the Newbie

Starting a yoga practice is often equal parts exciting and intimidating.

Having the right yoga gear can be a real confidence-booster, which makes it a perfect gift for the yoga newbie on your list!

Here are our top picks:

Yoga Gift Ideas for the Newbie:

1. Essential Studio Yoga Mat in Glacier – This classic sticky waffle mat is an ideal first yoga mat, and will support their practice for years to come.

2. Organic Cotton Loop Strap in Glacier -  Many new yogis struggle with flexibility. A yoga strap will extend their reach and help them find ease in challenging poses. This strap has a convenient loop built in so less fussing is required in the moment.

3. Foam Yoga Block (4″) in Charcoal– Also great for helping with flexibility. A block (or two) will create, extra length and support.

4. Tonic Pursuit Legging in Black – The classic full length leggings in sweat-wicking fabric. Everyone needs a good pair of yoga pants.

5. A Gift Certificate- Still not sure what to get your favourite newbie yogi? Let them decide by giving them the gift of choice.

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