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The Bridge Cushion

July 08, 2015

Halfmoon - The Bridge Cushion

Is it a yoga bolster? A meditation cushion? A furniture piece for your home? The answer is all of the above and more! The Bridge Cushion is a unique semi-circle Zafu filled with buckwheat hulls to be moldable and cool, even on hot days. It is the perfect sitting cushion for those with tighter hips or the ideal support for those looking for assistance with backbends.

5 amazing ways to use your Bridge Cushion:

Use it to support the contour of your spine in a backbend.

bridge cushion in backbend

Use it as a sitting or meditation cushion in kneeling posture.

bridge cushion in kneeling posture

Use it as a sitting or meditation cushion cross-legged.

bridge cushion in cross-legged

Use it to lift your hips for legs up the wall

bridge cushion in legs up the wall

Use it for extra weight, as you might use a sandbag (so good!).

bridge cushion for extra weight

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