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Air Travel — The Perfect Opportunity for Self Care

June 27, 2016

Halfmoon - Air Travel - The Perfect Opportunity for Self Care

Being squished in economy class at the back of the plane next to the bathroom can make a five-hour flight feel like days. On an airplane, as in life, the stories we tell ourselves can inhibit our overall experience. But, what if we turned our perception of flying around? What if we looked at flying as the perfect opportunity for self care?

Here are 5 ways to make your next flight the ultimate self-care experience:

1. A Few of Your Favourite Things
Dress in clothes that are not only comfortable but make you feel good. Bring a scarf you love, a favourite sweater and a fresh set of clothes to change into before landing.

2. Nourish Your Body
Stay away from the sugary and salty airport food as well as alcohol and coffee – they will dehydrate you. Instead, bring healthy snacks. Depending on your destination, favourite fruits and veggies can often be taken through the gate. Bring a large empty water bottle and fill it up once you get past security. Lots of water and healthy food will keep you feeling in tip top shape throughout your journey.

3. Find a Comfortable Seated Position
Finding a comfortable seat while sitting on a plane can be challenging. Bringing your favourite yoga props with you can really help. One convenient prop for a flight is the Mini Cylindrical Bolster. Use it as lumbar support or as a pillow for sleeping.

4. Meditation & Journaling
If you are a nervous flyer (and even if you are not). Meditation can be the key to staying calm and relaxed on your journey. Your meditation practice doesn’t have to be complicated or challenging. It's as simple as closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. Journaling is also a great way to keep the mind calm and may help prepare you for the moment you step off the plane.

5. Wash Your Face & Brush Your Teeth
During long flights, give your body the signal that’s it’s time to go to sleep by washing your face and brushing your teeth like you would at home. Once you wake up, do the same thing to help you feel refreshed for your day. Keeping up with daily rituals while you’re in the air can help your nervous system stay relaxed.

6. Rest
Stress is a leading cause of illnesses in North America and can have a lot to do with how much we allow ourselves to rest. With a lavender scented Eye Pillow over your eyes, and a cozy blanket on your lap, you can actually make sleeping sitting up a restorative experience.

Flying often ends with a new adventure, a new town, meeting new people and even experiencing a new culture so why not take this opportunity to relax so that you can fully immerse yourself in the joy of the experience? Here’s to making your next flight one of rejuvenation and relaxation.


Alison BoonsAlison Boons

Alison is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist who leads 200 hour, 300 hour and prenatal yoga teacher training programs internationally with Yogacara Global Yoga Teacher Training. Alison believes that yoga is so much more than a physical practice and that it can give us the tools to enhance and enrich our lives on and off the mat. Connect with Alison on Instagram, Facebook or on her website at

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